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Curious about Interdisciplinary Dentistry?

Due to the complex treatment needs of some patients,  it is important to co-manage dental care by working closely with other dentist. I am a periodontist focusing on the health of the supporting gums and bone that support the teeth and the placement and maintenance of dental implants. I will often co-treat a patient's dental concerns by partnering with other dentist to bring about effective solutions to complex problems. This is called interdisciplinary‎ dentistry. I will be attending a 2-day seminar  ( http://www.speareducation.com/seminars/view/id/1 ) on Creating Esthetic Excellence. the meeting is in Boston MA on 10/3 and 10/4 2013. This educational course is taught by www.speareducation.com/

Dr. Spivey's most recent lecture!

I lectured to the Great Bay Dental Study Club in Portsmouth New Hampshire on Management of Gingival (Gum) issues using artificial Gum Tissue. This discussion compared traditional dental procedures with new techniques.